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Why work with us?

Experience: The real estate professionals at Panama Real Estate Group (PREG) have over 45 years of combined experience in Panama real estate, with over 10,000 clients in 52 countries world-wide. Whether you are buying, selling or developing real estate, our team is prepared and qualified to assist you.

Professionals: Panama Real Estate Group (PREG) encompasses a team of highly experienced, bilingual, licensed Panama real estate brokers, Panama real estate attorneys, Panama property appraisers, Panama property surveyors, Panama property inspectors, Panama architects, and other key players, who together, enable our company to offer complete turn-key solutions to our customers Panama real estate needs.

Safety: According to Panamanian law, foreigners have the same property ownership rights as Panamanians.  Foreigners may purchase property in Panama in their personal name, or through the use of holding companies, private foundations, or trusts.  Our team of professionals advise buyers and sellers as to how to structure their real estate transactions in ways that safely accomplish their goals and maximize profits.

Service: Our bilingual team is available to respond quickly to all Panama real estate inquiries.  Our customers are our number one priority, and service is our motto.