5 plots of 600m2 are sold; with 3 houses at “100m of Playa Gorgona” at $ 345,000 NEGOTIABLE.On the Globe of Land in consideration there are three (3) single-family houses built on the ground floor, with a surface area of three thousand square meters with 00 square decimeters (3,000m2). The houses are constructed of reinforced concrete in their foundations and structures, with zinc sheet roof.Currently consists of the following distribution:Housing n ° 1Room, family room with bar, kitchen with breakfast bar, three (3) bedrooms, covered terrace, jacuzzi, indoor laundry, two (2) storerooms, dining room, breakfast room, pantry, two (2) restrooms, indoor pool, barbecue area , bedroom and visiting health service.House n ° 2Roofed terrace, dining room, two (2) bedrooms, living room, kitchen, one (1) sanitary service.House n ° 3One (1) bedroom, one (1) sanitary bathroom and one (1) deposit.The farms N ° 607, 969, 62705, 54351 and 3137 are in a purely residential area of single-family homes on the ground floor, ground floor and a high, as well as residential buildings, and are located on 4th Avenue. and 4th south street, Nueva Gorgona corregimiento and Chame District, Western Panama Province.Access to the property is available through the main gorgon road that is approximately 800 meters away from the property. The city of Nueva Gorgona, in terms of urban development has experienced a growth in the development of its land and public facilities and urban services, in the area there are all kinds of commerce in general such as hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, petrol stations, restaurants, clinics, hospitals, colleges, university centers, churches, recreational areas, sports fields, gyms, mountain areas, hiking.In the city of Nueva Gorgona, there is an asphalt street, electric light, storm sewer, telephone service and cable television.the current demand for housing in this sector is considered favorable, according to the urban and commercial development projects that have been carried out and are planned to be developed in this sector, with very good parameters of urban infrastructure; We can also mention that it is a residential, commercial and tourist area due to its proximity to the Pacific beaches and Panama City through the Pan-American Highway.Buying these residency is a good investment due to the geographical position in which it is located and for all the amenities it offers; and every day, month and year its value goes up. These residences are perfect for a family of several members, for weekend house and go to the beach in two minutes; It is also suitable for renting it or turning it into a hostel, due to the large size of the land, the pool and jacuzzi that it has.

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