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Panama Real Estate Overview

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Few countries can brag about having two oceans along its borders. The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans provide pristine beaches for waterfront apartments and homes. In addition, Panama has rainforests, lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys, farm lands, along with a metropolitan capital city with all of the urban attractions.

Compared to Europe and North America, real estate prices are very low. Titled real properties with a public accessible government registry system for title verifications offer the same security as similar properties in the U.S., Canada, and the EU.

Ever since 2006, according to Wikipedia, Panama’s real estate sector has been booming with new construction and hot properties for sale. New apartment buildings, large modern shopping malls, hotels, and commercial buildings have sprouted all over the country.

Panama City is now a modern cosmopolitan urban center offering high-rise condominium buildings with ocean views near all the perks a big city offers like shopping centers, international cuisine restaurants, and parks. The capitol city has exclusive residential neighborhoods like Punta Pacifica, San Francisco, Marbella, Paitilla, Coco del Mar, and Costa del Este. The former U.S. Canal Zone has been converted into nice residential areas such as Amador, Clayton, and Balboa with attractive single family homes and large apartments available to purchase.

Casco Antiguo (also called Casco Viejo) is the oldest city on America’s Pacific Coast with attractive 17th Century architecture buildings converted into large apartments and shops and restaurants and bars offering an exciting nightlife which tourists and expats favor.

Bocas del Toro situated on a tropical island far away from the city offers a more tranquil lifestyle with beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, unique colorful homes, and a rich Antillean cuisines and culture. Many European, Canadian, and American expats prefer to live in Bocas, as well as, visits from thousands of tourists from all parts of the world.

While real estate prices have risen since 2006 in these popular locations, bargains still exist.

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