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Only province to have two coasts. Its capital Santiago. Characterized by agricultural work, catalogándose one of the largest producers of grain, its holding is one of the best in the country. It is the land of the Indian Magpie, this Indian was characterized by his revelation to the Spanish denomination.


Veraguas, tourist destination where lies one of its main islands, Coiba Island, the largest island in the country with 493 Km2.


Among the tourist sites to visit is:

The Cerro Hoya National Park, park of volcanic origin, formed oldest rocks of the Isthmus.

Coiba Island National Park: surrounded by great natural jewel, protecting the marine ecosystem.

The Reserve Foresta La Yeguada: created 1960, important for protecting the watershed region, ensuring the flow of water into lakes of hydropower production. The hydroelectric plant in this region was created in 1967.