Property Description

Listing No. 1052-4980

2 lots for sale in Mariato, one of 20,000 m2 and the other with possessory rights of 1,955m2. The 20,000 m2 property has a beautiful view of the sea and has a height difference of 35 meters over 200 meters, which provides an ocean view at each point. In the 20,000 m2 property two attics were built, one is completely finished and is 200 m2 in wood, steel, and glass and the second attic has 80% of 180 square meters in steel and concrete. And there is an additional space for two studios. The place is ideal to build a resort or have a large property with access to Morillo beach. This is the only large property on a four-kilometer long beach. The 1,955 m2 plot is facing the beach, on the beach of Morillo.

In this property, you can see monkeys, toucans, chameleons, small alligators, and beach turtles come to spawn. From the property, you can also see whales during the season. This city is called SEA AND FOREST.

These two properties are separated by a small forest 100 meters wide and are related by the exclusive right of way of three meters wide. This forest is not indestructible, which gives the length of 500 meters to this property and makes it exceptional and unique.


Agent: Jon Hanna

Tel: (507) 6672-0089


License #3135

Property Details

Property ID
For Sale
Sale Price
USD 1,200,000
Property Type
Built Area
300 m2
Lot Size
20,000 m2
Date Published
Nov 8, 2019
Dec 7, 2020



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