Land for sale San Cristobal Island, Bocas del Toro

Property Description

Land located on the Island of San Cristobal, in the province of Bocas del Toro. The island of San Crist?bal occupies an important sector of the Bah?a de Almirante. This island is very rich in marine environments. Two of the best reefs are found on its shores, one on the north side, and the other on the west side. The first reef is called "Luz Crist?bal", because the navigation light of the ships that travel in the channel that runs along the north coast of the island. This channel is the only way for the ships to load, in the port of Almirante, bananas from the Changuinola plantations destined for Europe and North America. It also has the most visited place for dolphins in the entire bay. There are three important indigenous villages on the island: San Crist?bal, Bocatorito, and Valle Escondido. San Crist?bal is one of the most important in the region, with electricity (generator), public telephone and a primary school. They grow vegetables and farm animals,and fishing.

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For Sale
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USD 1,500,000
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290058.0 m2
Date Published
Oct 10, 2021
Oct 14, 2021



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