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Buying a property is one of the most important in the lives of most people, investing in our experience buying a dream home is one in which you sit in a cozy, comfortable environment and see in it the entrono to develop your life.

Fulfilling your needs

This is more than just real estate. It is an investment of life and dreams. That is why it is so important that the agent you choose to guide you through this process is your trusted expert and see their interests. KW Obarrio we have a team of active real estate professionals qualified and ready to help you find houses, apartments, land for sale that meet your expectations since the beginning of this travel to help you find your ideal property.


Your specialist KW Obarrio Agent will guide you through each step of the process.

Esilo Life

Take the initiative to buy a home is usually not an easy task. It is a very important decision, which generally represents a large investment in monetary terms, in kw obarrio we offer lifestyle advice as you like and enjoy, from places in the cities, beaches, mountains.

Other costs

What are the pricing and valuation of the area? Are there any other taxes or maintenance fees to consider?

House size

It is highly recommended to know well the kind of house you want.

What size are looking for your home? LotSize What would you like? How many levels you like your house?

How many rooms would you like to have? What distribution is what you want?


How close to work, schools, hospitals, places of recreation, entertainment, outdoor places is what you are looking for?


What kind of area is looking to live? What kind of schools? Recreational areas? Security?

Following their wants and needs

Wherever you are looking for properties, we can help you find the home perfecta.Aquí are some things to think about as you begin looking for houses for sale.

Following their wants and needs

The sale of a home is the most important in the lives of most citizens investment, so we show some steps you need to follow to successfully perform this operation.



What is the style of home you are looking for?

¿You have a preference for any year of construction of the house?
You want a house ready to move, or are thinking about making some improvements in it?
When people come to your home, what does your home say about you?

How much is the budget?

How will finance your home?

Property Interior:

What inner want for your home – cozy, traditional, modern, eclectic, formal, casual What kind of plant prefer – Whet versus walls between all rooms What kind of lighting you like more Got preferences floor? in general, what do you like and dislike for the interior of your home? are there specific requirements for your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms or other rooms?

Outside the property:

What kind of home are you looking for – a flat, two-storey, department, division Approximately what size house you looking for?