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About Panama

Favorable environment for foreign investment

Panama is the largest recipient of foreign direct  investment in Central America. It also offers a favorable opportunity for investment because there are constitutional provisions that promote private property and protect intellectual property and the principle of non-discrimination to foreigners.

Stable financial growth and competitive banking system

Panama’s banking system is booming. In the last 20 years there have been mergers, changes and additions of new banks that have managed to turn Panama in  to one of the most important financial centers in Latin America.

Although not as obvious as other competitive advantages, there are sectors that offer benefits to all economic activities of the country. This is the International Banking Center, with several decades of operation and large, if you take into account that the country has only 4.3 million in habitants. Their contribution to economic development is reflected in the high level of loans that are granted per year. Credit growth is accompanied by good liquidity of banks. Which guarantees a very favorable climate against the devastating effects of the international financial crisis in other countries banking stability.

US dollar is commonly used

National, Balboa, monetary unit maintains strict monetary parity with the dollar (1 B /. = 1 $). Under an agreement with the United States dating back to 1904, Panama has no central bank and issue paper currency, coins only fractional currency.

Risk rating debt for the medium and long term with a stable outlook BBB

The rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S & P) risk improved risk rating from BBB- to BBB, with a stable outlook.

This positive effect on the risk rating of Panama after the annual visit to the rating undertake the country, encourages investors to turn their gaze to Panama. With the improvement of the rating, S & P ruled that the country has the capacity to meet its debt commitments. It was also supported that growth projections and the country’s fiscal flexibility are strong to face the challenges that may emerge in the transition to a less optimistic economic environment.

Location: the Americas (point connectivity in transport)

Panama has a privileged geographic position, dividing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and located between North and South America. Panamanian ports are leaders in cargo movement in Latin America.

Airspace is also due to the geographical position and public and private investment that have made the most important connections and transfer of passengers Tocumen International Airport.

Panama enjoys a clear competitive advantage in terms of its location, Pacific slope is gateway to Asian products. But also, on the Atlantic side houses the largest free trade zone in the Western Hemisphere.

Colon Free Zone: second free zone in importance worldwide, contributes 12% to the country’s GDP

We are facing the first distribution center in the Western Hemisphere. For this reason, constantly constructed and modernized warehouses, port and traffic systems for all types of goods, remaining at the forefront of modern technology and always ready to offer a wide range of services.

Retirement in Panama

Panama has been consistently characterized as one of the best places in the world to retire according to the International Living magazine, Modern Maturity magazine, and Forbes magazine and the American Association of Retired Persons (IEPA) .The high rates of this trend are based on the cost of living, climate, security, and infrastructure. Panama even offers a visa pensioner or retiree, for retirees immigrants so they can live permanently and enjoy a law that allows pensioners to acquire 25 to 50% discounts at hotels, restaurants, salt film, airline tickets, water bills, electricity, telephony and cultural activities.